Weddings Rates 2017/18

Your special day with a bird’s eye view.

We fly our drones with caution and safety in mind at all times. We also try to fly at a sensible distance so the party is not disturbed by the aircraft.  

You have something in mind that is not itemised below, please contact us via email with some details to obtain an accurate quote.

Video Packages for Weddings & Special Events1,3





Price1 £550 £685 £955
Deliverables² Video up to 2 mins

1 USB with 2 files in web-ready format (4K or 1080p + Instagram/Web Optimised)

Video up to 4 mins

1 USB with 2 files in web-ready format (4K or 1080p + 720p & Instagram/Web Optimised)


Extended video (6 minutes)

1 USB with 3 files in web-ready format
(4K or 1080p & 720p & Instagram Optimised)

Shoot³/Edit ¼ day shoot
(1.5 hours)
½ day edit
¼+¼ day shoot
(2 locations, totalling 2 hours)
½ day edit
4 hours total flying over two days +
1 day edit

Proof files are uploaded to a private  secure server at 720p with a watermark. Final files are provided on USB for you to upload and distribute at your leisure.

Web-ready files will be provided on sign off (on completion of editing) when full payment has been verified. Deliverables will be provided on a USB memory stick via Royal Mail Special Delivery or delivered by hand.

Replacements/duplicates are available at a cost of £55.

We are insured to fly in most settings, however we will  carry out a site check, liaise and make agreements with land owners and venue organisers. This helps us create a risk assessment and site report for each job and location.
Filming will only commence once any (unlikely) additional costs are agreed by both parties. Weather patterns will be checked 48 and 24 hours in advance.

¹ Prices quoted above include VAT for 2017/18
² Full edit including 1 set of changes & proof copy for review in 720p (online).
³ We will need to know where your wedding is, the itinerary and the number of guests ahead of the event. This is because we need to seek permission to fly and film at certain venues. Prices are for 2017/18 only. For bookings in 2018 and beyond, please get in touch or come to meet us at various wedding fayres.

Payment terms are 25% at time of booking to secure the date(s)
Further 25% prior to the event, and 50% for delivery within 7 days of the event. Payment can be made in full prior also.
Bank transfer, Paypal or Cash accepted.